Elite Years (2004-2009)

EWF Reunion (August 6, 2004)
Two years after "The End", the EWF returned with a brand new arena, a professional ring, and a mix of old and new faces. An 8-man tournament was held to determine the new EWF champion.
  • Shawn Sanders vs. Brice Payne vs. Chris Short vs. Cody Jones (ACW Championship)
  • 8-Man Tournament Featuring Chico, Steve Sharpe, Smut, G-Pimp, Overkeal, Brice Payne, B-Money, & Dark Slayer
6-Year Anniversary (March 19, 2005)
The EWF returns to Laurel, Indiana with one of the biggest nights of action in its history and in front of one of the largest crowds to ever take in EWF action.
  • Steve Sharpe vs. Blade (EWF Championship)
  • Chico vs. Brice Payne
  • Cody Jones vs. Evan Stone
  • Lotus vs. Crazy J
  • Evan Stone vs. Violent V vs. Biohazard
  • Smut & Overkeal vs. G-Pimp & Cletus